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i'm every cliche (but i simply do it best)

it's a question of heart

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so rich, so pretty.
23 July 1986
jenna. audiophile. chicago/philadelphia. writer. radical. pansexual. pretty litte rave girl. student. political junkie. add-crazed. ex-model. gnostic. stubborn. band tech. hardcore dork.

allen ginsberg. the daily show. writing & reading. vinyl records. politics. star trek. italy. safety pins. the beatles. comic books. cheap fashion. hot showers. slam poetry. suicide/god's girls. creamy chicken ramen soup. tool. baz luhrman. us history. taking pictures. football. cable news. playing cello/guitar/piano/mallets/drums/bass. heroes. ripped-up jeans. a good bit of the fueled by ramen label. entourage. the love song of j alfred prufrock. photoshop. piercings and creative tattoos. webcoding. tight shirts. mango water ice. cuddling. thunderstorms. emoticons.

my friending policy is easy. friend me, and i'll very probably friend you back. i'm not ~elite or anything. all I ask is that you drop me a comment in any entry telling me where you found me or why you're adding me. if/when i get around to posting fic or icons, those'll be public, but most everything i post so far is friends-only.

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a plus d, alan cummings, allen ginsberg, ana matronic's lesbian side, anarchy, andrew mcmahon, andrew volpe, androgyny, angelina jolie, anorexia nervosa, asia argento, avenged sevenfold, avenue q, bang bang you're dead, ben foster, bill maher, bisexuality, blow, books, bouncing souls, bright eyes, broadway, cello, charles bukowski, chocolate, clone high, concerts, conor oberst, danny elfman, david bowie, david fucking cook, diego luna, dudes of my heart, eating, edward norton, entourage, equal rights, ewan mcgregor, fall out boy, fanfiction, fight club, flannel, football, gael garcia bernal, gale harold, gay pride, gay rights, gender confusion, girls, gods girls, government, graphic design, green day, harry potter, heroes, idina menzel, indie films, jason mraz, joe trohman, jon stewart, jon walker, jt leroy, judaism, keith olbermann, law, law and order: svu, lesbians, liberals, ludo, mash-ups, mikey way, mindless self indulgence, monty python, moulin rouge, music, musicals, my chemical romance, new york city, nicole kidman, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, no pete wentz, norbert leo butz, old-school snl, oscar wilde, panic! at the disco, patrick stump, pete wentz, petrellicest, pgsa, philadelphia, philly sports, photography, pink floyd, poetry, political science, politics, pricmvs(h), project runway, punk, queer as folk, rainbows, random canadian bands, randy harrison, reading, reefer madness, regina spektor, rent, rocky horror picture show, rufus wainwright, sarcasm, scissor sisters, se7en, sexsexsex, singing, slash, sleep, snark, star trek, star trek: tos, star trek: xi, starbucks, stars, stephen colbert, suicide girls, talking heads, tchaikovsky, the baptists, the beatles, the books, the colbert report, the daily show, the dresden dolls, the fray, the laramie project, thinspiration, tim burton, tool, twiggy ramirez, vinyl records, we will rock you, weezer, wicked, will and grace, women, working out, writing

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